Kathryn Murdoch and Quadrivium Foundation

Assume New Leadership Roles at Unite America, a U.S. Democracy Movement

New York, NY (March 29, 2019) –The Quadrivium Foundation is pleased to announce a strategic investment in Unite America. Kathryn Murdoch will serve as Co-chair of Unite America’s Board of Directors and Chair of its Investment Committee.   

Unite America becomes a Quadrivium flagship venture to drive efficiency, effectiveness and growth across a landscape of disparate and subscale efforts. Under Ms. Murdoch’s leadership, Unite America will build capacity and strengthen coordination within the democracy movement through the establishment of shared resources and platforms, and by mobilizing a community of new and existing donors and grassroots actors in this space. 

“A strong democracy is the foundation for progress on every issue that we care about,” said Kathryn Murdoch, Co-founder and President of Quadrivium. “Therefore we must take urgent action to address our increasingly polarized and gridlocked system that is at present incapable of putting the needs and aspirations of citizens and their communities first. I am thrilled to join an energized and talented community of individuals and organizations working to achieve a representative and accountable government. Together, we can foster the political environment, incentives and leadership to solve America’s toughest problems.”

The decision follows a year-long effort to create a Quadrivium program focusing significant resources on solving identified problems in the U.S. democratic process. Among the areas of engagement, the program will seek to achieve structural reforms, increase voter participation and align incentives for leadership.

To date, Quadrivium has made investments in efforts that insisted on bipartisan redistricting committees, and in new and better choices in how to register, engage and mobilize voters. These interventions and innovations were successful and will provide a roadmap for the Foundation going forward.


About Quadrivium: 

Founded in 2014 by James and Kathryn Murdoch, Quadrivium invests in evidence-based solutions to some of society’s most urgent challenges. The Foundation was given the Latin name for “crossroads” to reflect the founders’ commitment to addressing root causes of problems, where single actions can create multiple positive outcomes. Quadrivium currently has five interrelated areas of focus: Democracy, Technology and Society, Scientific Understanding, Climate Change and Ocean Health.