James Murdoch  Co-Founder

James Murdoch


James Murdoch is a media executive currently overseeing the global television business of 21st Century Fox. Mr. Murdoch’s career in media has ranged from emerging markets content businesses to 21st century alternative telecoms in Europe. Throughout his 17 years at News Corp and now as 21st Century Fox's Co-Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Murdoch has consistently championed the idea that customers will respond to companies that act responsibly and make positive contributions to the communities they serve.

While building a leading entertainment and sports broadcast business in India, Mr. Murdoch has taken an active role in developing a platform that addresses the country’s economic and cultural challenges. STAR India, which reaches 650 million weekly viewers, is consistently recognized for making a real difference in the lives of Indians, especially women and girls by elevating female characters across its programming lineup and shining a light on some of India’s most sensitive social issues and taboos.

Mr. Murdoch has also been at the forefront of the company’s commitment to forging partnerships to reach underserved audiences in Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan, with a firm belief that access to a free media is a fundamental part of civic society in the modern era.

Prior to the company split, Mr. Murdoch led News Corp’s energy efficiency initiative across all its global operations, establishing itself as the first global media company with net zero carbon emissions by 2010. Not only did this effort mark a historical achievement for News Corp and 21st Century Fox, but the investments in energy efficiency projects have resulted in hundreds of millions in cost savings so far.

As Chief Executive Officer and then Chairman of BSkyB, Mr. Murdoch oversaw the company’s environmental management program in 2006 and built a full-service residential media and telecommunications company rooted in a “Believe in Better” philosophy that applies as much to its customer’s expectations as to the company’s own aspiration for excellence, resulting in a business for which investment in the community and financial success go hand in hand.

Mr. Murdoch also helped to create and provide ongoing support for Team Sky, a professional cycling team whose motto is “Inspiration to Participation.” Team Sky has won the Tour de France for two years running, and has made its name not only through superior performances in races all over the world but through its mission to inspire healthier, more active lifestyles.

Mr. Murdoch has also been instrumental in 21st Century Fox’s robust social impact initiatives, including its recent commitment to funding the Los Angeles expansion of the acclaimed New York-based Ghetto Film School, which aims to teach storytelling crafts to young people in low-income communities.

Mr. Murdoch is a non-executive director of Yankee Global Enterprises, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Harvard Lampoon, and also serves as a board member for both 21st Century Fox and News Corp.

Mr. and Mrs. Murdoch live with their three children in New York City.